Argentinian Civic Center by Lucio Morini and GGMPU Arquitectos

Argentinian Civic Center by Lucio Morini and GGMPU Arquitectos

Located on the edge of the historic center of the city, in the province of córdoba, argentina, sits the bicentennial civic center, an administrative complex designed by argentine practice GGMPU arquitectos and Lucio Morini. Measuring more than 700 meters, the structure is situated along the suquia river connecting the two separated communities via a new vehicular bridge. The landscaping of the promenade area has transformed this once abandoned sector into a new downtown front.

The development consists of two new buildings, the first is a medium-rise structure which houses the ministries. The faceted prism is made entirely of concrete based on a square cuboid measuring 45 meters high with a 20-degree rotation at 16 meters. The movement generates a complex morphology based on triangles, producing a distinct play of light and shadows. The edifice is located over a shallow pool which can be drained for larger public gatherings and events.

Via Designboom – Images courtesy of Claudio Manzoni

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