Balanus by Simona Sacchi

Balanus by Simona Sacchi

Balanus was recently selected as the winner project of International contest SUN.LAB 2012 – Nature Inside. The designer of these incredible seats Simona Sacchi, takes inspiration from nature to create a colourful ”colony of seats” in various dimensions. The key inspiring element is Balanus Amphitrite, a crustacean with a calcareous body of conical shape which lives in conspicuous colonies. 

This system of seats is ideal for aesthetically appealing contract environments such as gardens of hotel, beach bars, clubs and etc. These seats are made of polyethylene material wich makes them durable and easy to clean. Balanus seats come in white, orange, strawberry colours.

For more information visit Simona Sacchi’s website.


About Designer – Simona Sacchi

Since the beginning of her university education at the Faculty of Architecture “Ludovico Quaroni” in Rome, she has maintained a keen interest in Interior and Exhibition Design, working as an intern in various firms in the Italian capitol. Upon completion of a fifteen month international experience, she opted for a more specific course of study at Istituto Quasar, Design University of Rome, where her passion for the Industrial Design finally took shape.

In January 2012 she began her adventure as a Freelancer, concentrating on Furniture and Lighting Design while carrying out, at the same time, Interior and Exhibition Design projects in collaboration with other young professionals.

  • Patrik

    Amazing design!!

  • Troll A

    I really like these seats. So modern and futuristic.

  • Sandra

    hihihi they look like bacteria under the microscope :) Very nice colourful design though :)

  • Diego

    Looking at this I could not agree more with Jeff Smith who once said: “the design process, at its best, integrates the aspirations of art, science, and culture”.