Banksy Street Art in Palestine

Banksy Street Art in Palestine

Following our popular post 25+ Beautiful Street Crimes done by BANKSY , here is another amazing collection of Graffiti by Banksy in Palestine.

“How illegal is it to vandalize a wall”, asks Banksy in his website introduction to his Wall project, if the wall itself has been deemed unlawful by the International Court of Justice? The Israeli government is building a wall surrounding the occupied Palestinian territories. It stands three times the height of the Berlin wall and will eventually run for over 700km – the distance from London to Zurich.

The “guerrilla artist” Banksy has helped to transform the security barrier that surrounds the town with more than a dozen satirical images painted, plastered and sprayed on to the 8m-high (26ft) concrete. The work winds a trail to the heart of the city at Manger Square, where more than a dozen pieces are housed directly across from the Church of the Nativity. More info on the Wall project, here. Wach video here.


(Image credits: eddiedangerous via boredpanda)



(Image credits: hazy jenius via boredpanda)

“This wall marks the spot where over 40 people were killed during the first Intafada (the little holes along the top are from bullets).

While Banksy was painting it a lot of people came over, some to shake his hand and others telling him to go away. Eventually the local MP was called out to diffuse the eighty-strong crowd that had built up (by which time Banksy had left and the piece was completed by the local kids). ” – eddiedangerous


(Image credits banksy via boredpanda)


(Image credits: Paul Wood)


(Image credits amerune via boredpanda)


(Image credits: via boredpanda)


(Image credits: jamestraceur via boredpanda)


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