Eaux Sink by Joel Roberts

Eaux Sink by Joel Roberts

The Eaux Eaux sink is Joel Roberts take on the oceanic wave. The simple form, in one fluid motion, integrates the spout into the basin. It’s like the flow and ebbing of the waves in a synchronized dance. The base is secured into a recessed counter top while the stainless steel body is glam-ed up with a blush of paint. The overall effect is perfect and yes….I want one for mi casa.

The Eaux Eaux sink is Joel Roberts take on the oceanic wave.

The Eaux Eaux sink is Joel Roberts take on the oceanic wave.

  • Terry

    Eaux Sink truly an amazing and very creative design. I want one of these sinks for my own house.Well done Joel Roberts

  • Joel Roberts

    Thanks Terry thats very kind of you. Look out next week for the Reece bathroom competition. Ive got a new design thats been shortlisted. Cheers,

    • http://www.design-Moderne.com Editor

      Hey Joel,

      Where is this Reece Bathroom competition? Do you have any photos of your new design? I would like to post it on Design Moderne.


  • Joel Roberts

    Hi William. They will be released to the press on the 18th Aug. The Reece competition is in Melbourne this year. Hope you like the new concept.

  • Kathy

    Hi Joel,
    Your designs are amazing. Congratulations on your awards-well deserved! Where can I buy the Eaux Sink? Thanks!

  • Dan

    Stunning, curvilinear design! Is anyone manufacturing and/or retailing your sink design yet? Please advise, as I can’t find it for sale anywhere via Google.

  • Barbara Schneider

    Dear Joel!

    Wonderfull job!!! You are so so talented.
    Where and how can I buy your amazing ideas???
    Please let me know if I have any chance.

  • Pauline

    I’m in love with these sinks…i’m remodelling apartments in fisher island and this would be perfect for the project i’m working on right now.
    Please tell me where i can buy these stunning sinks?
    And again Bravo! What outstanding design!

    • http://www.design-Moderne.com Editor

      I am glad you like them. The designer is Joel Roberts. He can be contacted on: Joelroberts1@hotmail.co.uk

  • Khalid

    Really outstanding and futuristic sink designs. It goes perfect with the gray concrete looking setting. Really wow… Hope Chinese will not copy it and sell it cheaply :)

    • rumen

      who is the producer ?

  • Maple tree

    Where can I buy the Joel Roberts sink?

  • Todd

    wow nice.