Glide Time by Simona Sacchi

Glide Time by Simona Sacchi

The concept idea of the “glide time” was born reflecting on the passage of time, hours, such as an inevitable, eternal, divine event. Spontaneously bring to mind the image of a waterfall, in its endless movement, just like the time that never stops. This comparison defines the shape of the project: the glass “glides” on steel, accompanying the curvature of the watch.

The dial and the external part of the clock could be decorated with screen simple prints in order to not disturb the reading,so you can customize the watch through serigraphs and colors.

Wearing the watch is simple as wearing a bracelet: it has a closing spring, fitting to any wrist dimensions.The crown is on the right side and is flush with the steel.
As required by the brief, the “glide time” is a wristwatch, analog and made of stainless steel (preferably satinized).It is designed for a female audience.

Glide Time by Simona Sacchi

Glide Time by Simona Sacchi

About Designer – Simona Sacchi

Since the beginning of her university education at the Faculty of Architecture “Ludovico Quaroni” in Rome, she has maintained a keen interest in Interior and Exhibition Design, working as an intern in various firms in the Italian capitol. Upon completion of a fifteen month international experience, she opted for a more specific course of study at Istituto Quasar, Design University of Rome, where her passion for the Industrial Design finally took shape.

In January 2012 she began her adventure as a Freelancer, concentrating on Furniture and Lighting Design while carrying out, at the same time, Interior and Exhibition Design projects in collaboration with other young professionals. For more visit Simona’s Website



  1. Nora Choy

    Wow this is truly an amazing design concept. The most futuristic and stylish watch I gave seen, almost alien. I hope it gets manufactured I will be the first one buy it.

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