Luxury Amazon River Cruise

Luxury Amazon River Cruise

The M/V Aria is a luxury 147-foot-long river boat hotel touring the northern Amazon River in Peru. This incredible boat was designed by Peruvian architect Jordi Puig and is the newest vessel in the Aqua Expeditions tour family.

The boat contains 17 rooms with large windows to provide panoramic views as you sail through the river.  The Boat can accommodate a maximum of 32 guests plus crew and provides a range of facilities such as lounge area for guest entertainment, outdoor jacuzzi, luxury gym, dining and outdoor resting areas. Perfect for a nice and luxury holiday in such a remote area of the world.

Luxury Aqua Expeditions in Amazon River

Room View - Aqua Expeditions in Amazon River

Lounge Area - Aqua Expeditions in Amazon River

Sitting Area in The Boat - Aqua Expeditions in Amazon River

Aqua Expeditions in Amazon River.

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