ZEMGEAR | Barefoot Minimal Shoes

ZEMGEAR | Barefoot Minimal Shoes

ZEMgear creates performance protection for bare feet. ZEM stands for Zone of Endless Motion, the shoes allow your feet to do what they were designed to do best in their natural, barefoot state. The ergonomically molded, separated protective toe guards promote barefoot agility and shield all toes from the perils of a more rugged environment.

A distinctive barefoot last accommodates the sensitivities and fit of natural feet.The tech-counter of the Terra cradles the heel and guards against the impact of equipment and terrain in many training settings.ZEM award-winning, patented & reflective tech-bands are welded into the upper material to provide strong lateral stability and enhance nighttime safety.Enjoy the barefoot feel of the Green Grip outsole and count on its traction where it’s needed.Barefoot Performance with the Protection you deserve!





  • jaweria

    how much it costs

    • DesignModerne

      Click on the Buy Button to see styles and price options. They start from $25 and above.

  • Trevor

    Ah really cool. I have seen people wearing but could never find them in shops to buy.

  • Nestor

    Good for protecting your feet and cool.

  • James

    very fancy

  • Lampaa

    Very high tech.

  • Aysha

    What other colors do you have?

  • Kumar

    Very nice shoes

  • Pablo

    How much do they cost? Do you deliver zemgear shoes in Italy?

  • Brigette A

    Would these even be comfortable considering people have different size and shape toes?

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